Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jump the Hump Day Navy SEAL Post - Indiana Jones Vs the Navy SEALs

It's That Time of the Week- Jump the Hump Day!
Time to Post a Navy SEAL Thing.

As the Oldest Frog Hog (said only in the nicest way of course) and the Oldest Indy-Fan on the Web, I have racked my skull to write about both Navy SEALs and Indiana Jones, today.
(…….Tick ….Tock….Smell of Wood Burning….Playing Solitaire Game on the screen…. )
Eureka! I’m going to have the Ultimate Challenge! Indiana Jones Vs The Navy SEALs.
Indy has lots of cool stuff. The Navy SEALs have lots of cool stuff. Indy goes everywhere. The Navy SEALs go Anywhere, Anytime. Indy has cool weapons. The Navy SEALs have ultimate firepower.
And so on, and so on.
I am letting YOU the readers decide.
Which is it? Indy or the Navy SEALs.
Here’s some stuff to measure them by below:
Indiana Jones
Navy SEALs
2nd Assault Weapon
Sig Sauer NSW P226-9-NAVY
Areas of Operations
Anywhere in the world that has ancient ruins. Europe, the Middle East, China, India, North and South America.
Anyplace, Anytime.
Body Protection
Wilson’s Leather jacket
Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System (C.I.R.A.S.) armor
Indy Fans
Frog Hog
Smith and Wesson 1917 “Stembridge”
M4A1 Carbine
Head Gear
Navy SEAL protec helmet,
Interesting Hobbies
Fighting snakes, bugs, rats, Nazis, Zombies, and thieves of ancient artifacts
Fighting the Bad Guys as designated by US NSW
Language Skills
Indy knows 27 (including sign language)
Foreign language training and use Naval acronyms
The MkVII gas mask bag
Kifaru military backpack
It's Not the Years, honey, it's the mileage.
From BUD/s : The only Easy Day Was Yesterday
Indiana- Named after the dog
Acronym of Sea, Air, and Land
Operating Unit
Goes solo and often with pals of : Short Round, His father, Sallah, Marcus the Museum Director, and various female love interests of Marion, Willie and Elsa.
Operate in Teams, Platoons and Squads. Always has a swim buddy. No female love interests allowed along. Ops are for males only.
based on original World War II Navy Officer's “Pinks.”
US Navy SEALs Ghillie Suit
Security Rating
Knows where the Ark of the Covenant is stored.
Must have a SECRET Clearance Status
Has a crystal skull
Has a Golden Trident
Doctor of Archeology
Masters of Unconventional Warfare
Horses, Zeppelin, motor-cycle with side car, elephants. Rides hanging onto the periscope of a submarine,. Bi-planes, 1940’s cars, tramp steamers. Life rafts dropped from airplanes, and high speed wooden boats
SDV- SEAL Delivery Vehicle, High Speed Boats like: the MARK-Vs, Zodiacs and RIB- Ridged Inflatable Boats, Rides INSIDE Submarines, MC-130 and MH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters, The DPV -Desert Patrol Vehicles,the DUMVEE-Desert Humvee and Humvees. Zodiacs dropped from helos.

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Anonymous said...

From Ozzie

I take....SEALs. Cause their adventures are....

Don't LOOK if you Don't want to know...

Science Fiction....

or are they just close encounters or the nuclear kind?