Friday, April 21, 2017

Why Cats Are Superior Fighters Than Dogs - Humor

A Scratching Post

Debbie got mulched yesterday, so as a favor to her (really she gave me some tuna treats as a bribe) I, Kiki the "Bad Newz Kitten" am writing a new post today.

Lucky You!! ….Because there will be No reposting from me. (I like scratching posts better.)

I want to write about something that has been on my mind for the last month and once in the news: Michael Vick and the Dogs Fighting.

With all the Fuss about dogs fighting, I want to make it purrrrfectly clear that “Cats Are Superior Fighters Than Dogs “

Dogs are just wannabees.

Ok , there are Devil Dogs and GA BullDogs .

But the Devil Dogs are United States Marines and the GA Dawgs are something else- those SICK Puppies! (I can still hear THAT howling cheer Goooo Georgia Bull Dogs Woof, Woof, Woof ! And now you have that chant to listen too all day long in YOUR head MurHaaa!!!)

Did you ever notice how many Sport teams are named after Felines?

The Pro FootBall teams seem to like Feline Names alot (I like hacking up fur balls myself). There are : Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguers, Carolina Pannthers and Detroit Lions.

And What about Collegiate Teams? Holy Mackeral! (I prefer tuna myself) There are so many !!!! There are: AMCats, Bearcats, Bearkats, Bengals, Bobcats, Cougars, Golden Bobcats, Golden Lions Golden Panthers, Golden Tigers, Hillcats, Jaguars, Lions, Lynx, Lyons, Maroon Tigers, Mountain Cats, Mountain Lions. Nittany Lions, Panthers, Pumas, Sea Lions (just threw this one in here to see if you were paying attention) ,Tigers, Tomcats, Wildcats (over 32! At the last count- but who is not doing the counting, I am!)

In our other Pro sports there are : MLB Detroit Tigers, NHL Panthers, and the newest team in the NBA is named after a what? Yep, a FELINE!!! It’s the Charlotte Bobcats (I think that ta certain tractor company is getting some royalties somewhere in this don’t you?)

Here are just a FEW things that make Cats Superior Fighters Over Dogs

Weapons -4 sets of SHARP claws that beat Paws Down those doggy painted toenails (yuck!) And here’s something else to think about for weapons of Cat Destruction –Catapults and Cat of Nine tails, as well as our version of the Catomic Bomb-the odor from the litter box.

Really Sharp Teeth- Our Motto is “Bite Me? I'll Go First!” and we sharpen our teeth with steel files (I made the steel files thing up-LOL)

Cunning and Intelligence- Even our “Playtime” is a form of Hunting Practice and we are Republicans Individuals, who don’t hunt in packs. We have learned to depend on our selves. (Correction here, My cousin the Lion does hunt in a pack. But he's the King, so we let him do whatever he wants to do.)

Climbing –We can go up trees faster than our cousins the monkeys. (Going DOWN trees is another blog post) We use the heights to paratail down on our victims.

Hearing- Say What? We have Superior Selective Hearing! We can hear the cat food can opening from miles away, but never, ever, hear you if we don’t want to. We will hear you before you can see us and guess what? We won't bark to give our hiding position away.

Pouncing and Jumping- Our Favorite Effective Form of Cattack!

Sneak Attack- We put the “P” in Patience. Why chase our pry, when we can just hide and wait for it to walk by? (We taught those Navy SEAL Lions a thing or two on SNEAK and Peak)

Hissing and Growling – This is our Sonar Warning System to Scare Off others when we are not in the mood for a fight (My mood right now is catnapping. What’s yours?)

Fast Runners- Can we say Cheetah, one of the fastest sprinters around? ( I call this going Mach Cat One, whoah, just like my fav. Navy Fighter, now retired -the TOMCAT. Hey, another name for a fighter- told yah, so. )

Stealth – We walk on our toes and our feet have thick, soft pads so we can move in Virtual Silence . Not like a clumsy, nail clicking dog. (Oh, yeah, I had a virtual dog once, and rebooted him off the screen in favor of the paper clip office helper.)

Clean –Most Dogs stink and drool. If your enemy can smell you, before he sees you , you’ve lost the advantage of surprise. (but I have to admit, attackers can slip on the dog drool when he’s attacking you, so I will give ½ of a point for drool)

Nine Lives- Dogs have only one life. If we die we come back, and back, and back, and back. Tenacious would be the word but it starts with Ten instead of Nine. (MeOuch on that one!)

Cattitude-We are the Proud Owners of that “ F %#K You in Your Face “ One (Debbie doesn’t allow that real “F” word due to the PG rating of this blog). Remember the word Feline starts with “F”.

With all these Superior Cat Natural Abilities , we know that dogs are the Real “Pussies” of the Fight World. (Pun intended- See we have an awesome sense of humor too!)

I can go on and on about how cats are Superior Fighters, but the bandwidth is only so big and the litter box is calling.

So if you’re gonna pick a Fight or just do some Fighting or just Sing a Fight Song- Be a copy cat and Fight Like a Cat!

So, How'd ya like the post? Should I do more post writing?

Nah, I rather play with the mouse than click with the mouse.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Sunday Slacker #5-Why I don't blog on Sundays

Slacker Sunday #5

Why I don’t BLOG on Sundays:

Exhausted From Counting Too Many Carbs

Lost Feeling in My Mouse Hand

Busy Clipping My Cats Claws and Then Bandaging My Hands

Need More Me Time Vs More Screen Time

Off My Meds Again

Out to Pasture

Experimenting With Drugs

Got Lost In Code Translation

On Alpha Alert

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jump the Hump Day Navy SEAL Post- Raising the Bar Funds Video

It's Wednesday!
Time to Jump the Hump with a Navy SEAL Thing

The Oldest FrogHog on the Web (said only in the nicest way of course) just made it back from the SWAMP.

I was there for another meeting of the Tadpoles aka Wannabee FrogHogs in Training.

And I tell you the "kids" were really cooking. They found a way to raise some badly needed funds to visit their favorite SEAL-owned bar- Badfrogs.

I know that many of the Tadpoles were once in the Frog Scouts. So I know that no challenge is too difficult for them, especially if it involved obtaining alcoholic beverages.

I mentioned that they should have all waited until they finished earning their FrogHog Navy Pride tattoos
(not to be confused with a rivals group's Navy Pride Badge. ).

But, NOOOOOooo. They jumped right into it.

They called the op- Raising the Bar
(not to be confused with a rivals group's Operation thin mint)

I made them give a complete sitrep to earn their FrogHog Navy Pride tattoo session. And they also did a" dirt dive" to add ways to improve things.

See the op sitrep video below.

It was taken using their official FrogHog Oakley Sunglass-cams.

It is
only the daylight part of the op. The night part of the video was mysteriously erased, (so they told me.)

Here's the op report


( I am not affiliated with Chuck Mangione and do not own any rights to the music.  This is a one of a kind personal video made for my enjoyment and that of my friends.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jump the Hump Day Navy SEAL Post - Indiana Jones Vs the Navy SEALs

It's That Time of the Week- Jump the Hump Day!
Time to Post a Navy SEAL Thing.

As the Oldest Frog Hog (said only in the nicest way of course) and the Oldest Indy-Fan on the Web, I have racked my skull to write about both Navy SEALs and Indiana Jones, today.
(…….Tick ….Tock….Smell of Wood Burning….Playing Solitaire Game on the screen…. )
Eureka! I’m going to have the Ultimate Challenge! Indiana Jones Vs The Navy SEALs.
Indy has lots of cool stuff. The Navy SEALs have lots of cool stuff. Indy goes everywhere. The Navy SEALs go Anywhere, Anytime. Indy has cool weapons. The Navy SEALs have ultimate firepower.
And so on, and so on.
I am letting YOU the readers decide.
Which is it? Indy or the Navy SEALs.
Here’s some stuff to measure them by below:
Indiana Jones
Navy SEALs
2nd Assault Weapon
Sig Sauer NSW P226-9-NAVY
Areas of Operations
Anywhere in the world that has ancient ruins. Europe, the Middle East, China, India, North and South America.
Anyplace, Anytime.
Body Protection
Wilson’s Leather jacket
Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System (C.I.R.A.S.) armor
Indy Fans
Frog Hog
Smith and Wesson 1917 “Stembridge”
M4A1 Carbine
Head Gear
Navy SEAL protec helmet,
Interesting Hobbies
Fighting snakes, bugs, rats, Nazis, Zombies, and thieves of ancient artifacts
Fighting the Bad Guys as designated by US NSW
Language Skills
Indy knows 27 (including sign language)
Foreign language training and use Naval acronyms
The MkVII gas mask bag
Kifaru military backpack
It's Not the Years, honey, it's the mileage.
From BUD/s : The only Easy Day Was Yesterday
Indiana- Named after the dog
Acronym of Sea, Air, and Land
Operating Unit
Goes solo and often with pals of : Short Round, His father, Sallah, Marcus the Museum Director, and various female love interests of Marion, Willie and Elsa.
Operate in Teams, Platoons and Squads. Always has a swim buddy. No female love interests allowed along. Ops are for males only.
based on original World War II Navy Officer's “Pinks.”
US Navy SEALs Ghillie Suit
Security Rating
Knows where the Ark of the Covenant is stored.
Must have a SECRET Clearance Status
Has a crystal skull
Has a Golden Trident
Doctor of Archeology
Masters of Unconventional Warfare
Horses, Zeppelin, motor-cycle with side car, elephants. Rides hanging onto the periscope of a submarine,. Bi-planes, 1940’s cars, tramp steamers. Life rafts dropped from airplanes, and high speed wooden boats
SDV- SEAL Delivery Vehicle, High Speed Boats like: the MARK-Vs, Zodiacs and RIB- Ridged Inflatable Boats, Rides INSIDE Submarines, MC-130 and MH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters, The DPV -Desert Patrol Vehicles,the DUMVEE-Desert Humvee and Humvees. Zodiacs dropped from helos.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

5 links for Memorial Day 2016

I've listed 5 links that honor those who have given their lives in service of our country.

1. The Vietnam Virtual Wall.

2. A
Memorial Day Slideshow from the U.S. Naval Institute

A Tribute to Fallen Soldiers | Memorial Day 2016 

4. A Short Documentary on Arlington National Cemetery

5. Taking Chance Home Movie site on HBO
If you get HBO - check your local listing for the time. It will be aired on May 30th. It is one of the most watch HBO films.

And if you miss the movie then read the
article by LtCol Strobl USMC- Taking Chance Home .

Friday, May 27, 2016

Navy SEALs Medal of Honor Video

Here is the "Navy SEAL Medal of Honor" video by the Oldest FrogHog Productions Studio (the Production Studio is owned by me-lol). Click on arrow to start.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Navy SEAL and UDT History for August

It's August
and Time to Post some August 
U.S. Navy SEAL and UDT history

GENERAL for August - These events are ones  that I can verify the month and year that it happened; but cannot verify the exact day of the month that it happened.
-August 1964- The Navy Demolition Parachute Team starts 
-August 1971 - Last BUD/S class graduates from Little Creek, VA.  BUD/S will continue but only at NAB Coronado, CA.

August 1,
2008 - NSW Operational Support Group Commands and SEAL Team Reserves re-designated as NSWG11 and SEAL Team 17 and SEAL Team 18.
2015- Class 304 earn their Tridents

August 2nd,
1969- UDT13 demolitions at Troung Giang River, Vietnam
2006 - SEAL Marc Lee is the first SEAL KIA in Iraq

August 3, 1944 - UDTs 12, 13, 14, and 15,  recon beaches at Iwo Jima and Bonin Islands.

 August 4th
1911- date of birth of Draper Kaufman aka "the Father of Underwater Demolition Teams"
1950- UDTs attempt 1st inland covert mission to bomb the railroad at Yosu, Korea

August 5, 1942- the first training class of OSS Maritime Operations begins

August 6th
1950 - Task Force 90 command (Korea)  assigned two USMC companies and a UDT1 detachment and dubbed the joint package -Special Operations Group or SOG.  SOG was composed of 25 UDTs and 16 Marines.  The Marines would provide perimeter security and the UDTs to provide small boat and demolition expertise.
2004- SEA Lt Cmdr John Dolittle swims the English Channel to honor the memory of fallen SEAL teammate -Petty Officer Neil Roberts
2011 -17 SEALs and 12 NSW support personnel and 1 military working dog, KIA in helocopter crash, Afghanistan.  The worst single loss of life in history of SOCOM and NAVSPECWARCOM. On this day 31 of America's bravest warriors gave their lives in defense of our freedom.  To see the list of the fallen, go to this link

August 7th
1969 - UDT 13 demolitions at tip of lang Dong Island, Vietnam
1971- UDTs and SEALs assist in the recovery of Apollo 15 crew and capsule

August 8, 2011 - SEAL Admiral William McRaven assumes command of USSOCOM

August 9- 20, 1944- Five OSS with seven UDT's in the 1st submarine launched series of reconnaissance operations from the USS Burfish.  This operation  was uinque because it involved the only US submarine-lauhed reconnaissance operation conducted by a UDT during the entire period of WWII.  See more at this link

August 10-14th, 1969 - SEALs and Australians in Operation Platypus in the RSSZ, Vietnam
 1990- SOCCENT personnel arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In it,  is  Naval Special Warfare Task Group One.  This is in preparation for Operation Desert Shield.

August 11th
1960 - UDTs recover a "Discover" satellite capsule, the 1st recovery of an U.S. satellite from orbit.
1969-  UDT 13 demolitions at Cai Nap Canal, Vietnam
1990 - SEALs of NSWTG1 set up base at Dhahran for Operation Desert Shield.

August 12, 1960 - Underwater Demolition Teams and USMC Recon units suggested as resources for the development for Naval Special Warfare.

August 13th
1944 - 3 UDTs are taken prisoner onYap Island and shipped to a Japanese POW camp.  Their remains are never recovered .  See more info at
1950- UDTs with the USMC begin cave demolitions- Korea
2008- SEALs battled terrorists during the filming of an episode of the TV show "24"

August 14, 1992 - SEALs in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia

August 15th
August 15 - Sept 15, 1944-Naval Combat Demolition Units from DDay landings at Utah beach participate in the landing mission in the Operation Dragoon.  Operation  Dragoon is the invasion of Southern France.  These landings were the last amphibious operation in the European Theater of Operations.
1950- 1st of night raids on Korean East Coast by UDTs and USMC
1980- SEAL TEAM Six commissioned

August 16
1954-UDTs in Passage to Freedom Operation.  This operation evacuated from Haiphong an estimated 310,000 anti- Communist Vietnamese civilians, soldiers, and non-Vietnamese members of the French Army from Communist North Vietnam to South Vietnam .  This operation lasted for about 1 year.
1969- SEAL Teams and Kit Carsons take prisoners at VC indoctrination center near SEA Float, Vietnam

August 19
1966- The 1st SEAL KIA - Petty Officer Billy Machen in Vietnam
1969- SEALs and Kit Carsons operation at VC supply route near SEA Float
1990- With Saudi concurrence, SOCCENT's first coalition warfare mission was given to NSWTG1 elements which deployed to the Kuwaiti Saudi Arabian border to provide close air support and to serve as "trip wires" in case of an Iraqi invasion - Operation Desert Shield.

August 21, 1990- SEALs recon beaches - Operation Desert Shield

August 22
1969- UDT13 demolitions at SE Land Dong Island, Vietnam
1970- SEALs free 28 So. Vietnamese POW's

August 24
1968- SEALs with PRUs destroy grenade factory, Vietnam
1982 -SEALs  as part of the Multinational Force sent to Lebanon to over see the withdrawal of the Palestine Liberation Organization. 

August 25
1942 -Scout and Raider School commissioned
1990- The UN authorizes use of SEALs in limited naval enforcement of sanctions in Operation Desert Shield. SEALs begin VBSS missions in the Persian Gulf.

August 26 1944- UDTs conduct pre-assault beach recon for invasion at Luzon in the Philippines.

August 27
1944- UDTs recon beaches and lead landings on Luzon Philippines.
1969 - UDT 13 search and destroy missions at SE Lang Dong Island, Vietnam

August 28
1945- UDTs arrive in Tokyo Bay, for month long missions of search and destroy after the surrender of Japan. Missions include checking islands, beaches, and military establishments in the area. UDTs destroy mumerous midget subs, suicide boats, topedoes, large caliber guns, mines, torpedo warheads, depth charges, ammunition, small arms, and large quantities of submarine gear.

August 29
1945- UDT 21 were the first Naval personnel to touch  the Japanese shores at Futtsu, Tokyo Bay when conducting a reconnaissance. They post "Welcome Marines" sign for Marines landing the next day.  The commanding Japanese officer at the fort at the entrance of Tokyo Harbor surrenders to UDT21 commanding officer - Lt. Cmdr Clayton.  Lt Cmdr Clayton accepts sword as sign of total defeat and surrender. 
1965- UDTs assist in the recovery of Gemini 5 crew and capsule

August 30
1945- UDT 21 at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan  missions to demilitarize enemy vessels and prepare dock space for USS San Diego, aboard which surrender of the naval base would be completed. 
1966- SEAL in first live man pick up in the evaluation of DASH, a drone helicopter

August 31
1945- UDT 21 recon beaches around Tokyo Bay.