Friday, August 31, 2018

Navy SEAL Post - TadPole Jeopardy video

It's Friday!
Time to Jump Into a Holiday weekend with a Navy SEAL Thing!

The Oldest FrogHog on the Web (said only in the nicest way of course) has just spent an exhausting 1/2 hour watching a video she made in 2011 about the grading the  Tadpole class final.  

It was so exhausting that I had to send out for more limes (hint). 

What are Tadpoles?

They are FrogHogs wannabees in training, and the training site is Camp FrogHog, located... Well, never mind the location, cause it is top secret.   

The 2011 class started with over 300 students.   But, then there was that vice raid and only 3 students made it.  Of course, they were the ones who were out in the bathroom putting on more "do me" lipstick.

Me?   Well, this time I was was OUTCONS (getting more limes) and wasn't available for bail  comment.

So to record this historic event, I made a video of the Tadpole Test final. 

To make the test fun (and that's what FrogHog's are all about- just ask any sailor) I made it into a game and a show .... like.... Jeopardy. 

The first part of the test was a little hard.  It was about Navy SEALs, and the Tadpoles did have a little help. 

The second part of the test was supposed to be EASY (just like Froghogs) because it was just the basics of being a FrogHog.

And all 3 Tadpoles scored.  The scoring was only for the test answers. (Scoring off camera, didn't count.)

Click on the arrow on the below video to start the test.  See if you can answer the questions before the Tadpoles. 

The Oldest FrogHog on the Web is NOT an affiliated with the TV show Jeopardy and is not a licensed representative of it. This is a homemade video for personal use.I do not own any rights to the selected snips of the TV show used in the video.

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From Ozzie
I knew all the answers! Do you think that I have been hanging around a certain FrogHog, too much?