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Navy SEAL and UDT History for April

April 1

1945 - UDTs 4, 7, 11, 16, 17 & 21 lead main invasions force No. Okinawa

2003 - SEALs, rescue POW, Jessica Lynch, in Iraq, 1st successful POW rescue since WWII

April 2

1945 - UDTs begin Okinawa post invasion ops

1951 - UDTs at  Sorye Dong, Korea, engaged in clandestine nighttime landings of Korean agents

April 3, 1962 -1 st SEAL  MTT 10-62 group in Vietnam to train Junk Force Commandos

April 4, 1975 - SEALs in Operation BabyLift evacuate children from Vietnam

April 7, 1951 - UDT3  lands  CIA  trained NK Guerillas at  Yo Do  North Korea

April 8

1974 - DOB of SEAL, CPO Christopher Kyle, aka American Sniper . Sniper with most confirmed kills.

2006 - DEVGRU assault AQ safehouse, Iraq

April 9

1924- DOB- Roy Boehm aka First SEAL

1970 - SEAL Barry Enoch earns Navy Cross see this link –

April 10

1944 - NCDUs deploy to England for D-Day preparations and training

1972 -10 to 13 April, Lt T. Norris earns  the Medal of Honor and LDNN Petty Officer Third Class  Nguyen Van Kiet earns the US Navy Cross. The mission was a  rescue of 2 downed pilots, in the  Quang Tri Province, Vietnam.

April 11, 1991 - SEALs captured the 1st  Iraqi territory repatriated in the Gulf War

April 13

1945 – UDTs pre-assault recon on  lo Shima & Minna Shima beaches on Okinawa

1962 – President Kennedy visits SEAL Team Two at NAB Little Creek

April 14  1945 -  UDT 11 hydrographic survey of the Katchin peninsular beaches, Okinawa

April 15, 1945 - UDTs recon 2 beaches northern tip of Okinawa

April 16

1945 - UDT 21 leads Army landing  on le Shima, Okinawa

1987 - NAVSPECWARCOM commissioned

April 17

1961 -5 UDTs with CIA  -Bay of Pigs covert operations

1970 - SEALs assist in recovery of Apollo 13 crew & capsule

April 18

1988 - SEALs attempt VBSS Iranian frigate Sabalan- Op Praying Mantis, Persian Gulf

2003 - SEALs land on the main beach in Monrovia, Liberia, to join a peacekeeping effort. Read more:,29307,2069635,00.html#ixzz2LqubO65v

April 19

2002 - SEAL Team 10 commissioned

2011 – President Obama gives provisional go ahead for DEVGRU to conduct raid to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden at Abbottabad Pakistan.

April 20, 1963 - UDT 21, Lt  Gibson  killed in shark attack Megans Bay, St Thomas

April 21, 1960 - Secretary of Defense McNamara discusses need for Naval Special Warfare

April 23, 1962 - SEALs in Vietnam to train Biet Hai Junk Force commandos

April 27

1962 – UDT’s & SEALs clandestine ops in Cuba begins

1972 – SEALs assist in the recovery of Apollo 16 crew & capsule

April 28, 1965 - SEALs in Dominican Republic intervention to protect the American Embassy during civil war.

April 29

1970 – SEALs in a  major operation authorized  by President Nixon to cross over into the Cambodian "sanctuaries" and engage any northern forces encountered that were utilizing these areas as staging areas for infiltration of personnel, supplies, weapons, and other operations into the central part of South Vietnam not far from the capital Saigon.

2011 - In the April 29 memo, Panetta, now Secretary of Defense, wrote that he received a phone call from National Security Adviser Tom Donilon who told him the president had "made a decision with regard to AC1 [Abbottabad Compound 1]."  "The decision is to proceed with the assault...The direction is to go in and get Bin Laden and if he is not there, to get out," the memo published by Time magazine ahead of the first anniversary of the May 2 killing of bin Laden, said.

April 30

1952 - UDT ashore w CIA covert ops Korea

1975 - The Vietnam War ends with the fall of Saigon

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Navy SEAL and UDT history for March

It's March!
And Time to Jump the Month with a Navy SEAL Post! 

Time for the Oldest FrogHog on the Web (said only in the nicest way of course)  to post a Navy SEAL and UDT monthly history calendar  page.!!!

Below is  what's on my March Madness calendar page for  UDT and SEAL history.

March 1
1944 - UDT teams 3,4,5,6,&7 were commissioned in Maui HI 
1988- Naval Special Warfare goes under USSOCOM control 
1995 - SEALS secure beaches for the pullout from Somalia
2006 - a group of Navy SEALs provides security for U.S. President George W. Bush during his surprise visit to Kabul, Afghanistan see this link -Read more:,29307,2069635,00.html#ixzz2LqvsVguj

March 3  
1945 - UDT 8  arrives at IWO and remained long enough to undergo an air raid, pick up a battle star.
1965 - UDTs recon Red Beach near Danang , Vietnam 
2002 - During action on March the 3rd-4th, Senior Chief Petty Officer SEAL- B. Slabinski, Sniper Team leader earns Navy Cross at Battle of Roberts Ridge - see this link - 

March 4, 2002 - SEAL Neil Robers 1st KIA Afghanistan, Operation Anaconda

March 6, 1980 - SEALs in mission in Honduras and the Nicaraguan borders

March 8 
1945 - UDT 8 builds its’ own camp at GUAM - UDT 8 - Arriving in GUAM on 8 March, the team was detached from the U.S.S. BADGER after seven trying months aboard and quartered temporarily in the Receiving Station there with orders to build its own camp 
1965 - UDTs start survey missions near Da Nang Vietnam  

March 10
1961 - Acronym SEAL first used by US Navy - When the Navy’s Unconventional Activities Committee presented a mission statement for the new special operations unit and it officially used for the first time the acronym SEAL. SEAL – Sea, Air, Land.  The acronym was coined in Admiral Gentner's office. It is not known if the term originated with the admiral himself or one of his staff.  
1961 -  Naval Special Warfare ideas approved by US Navy - Rear Admiral Gentner Jr approves the preliminary recommendations of the Unconventional Activities Committee for the Navy to become involved in direct action counterguerilla operations. This is the birth of  modern Naval Special Warfare. 
1962 - 1st grp SEAL MTT arrives in  Vietnam

March 11, 1952 - UDT 5 recovered for the 1st time a new type of Russian mine, designated R-MYaM 

March 12, 1963 - UDT 12 recon attacked in Vietnam 

March 13
1968 -SEAL  Senior Chief Petty Officer Robert T. Gallagher earns Navy Cross see this link
1969 - SEALs assist in recovery of Apollo 9 crew & capsule
2012 - The official party for the dedication ceremony of the Second Phase classroom unveil its official opening at the conclusion of the ceremony at the Naval Special Warfare Center, at Coronado CA.  The classroom was named after fallen SEA Hospital Corpsman Second Class Keith Kimura. 

March 14, 1969 -  Lt Joseph. Kerrey is the 1st SEAL to earn MOH for a mission  on an island in the bay of Nha Trang, Vietnam.  See this link for more information -

March 16, 1966 - UDTs assist in the recovery of Gemini 8 crew & capsule

March 17
1945 - UDTs begin pre-invasion recons  for the Okinawa campaign  
2002 - ST7 commissioned as SpecWarGru-1 
2013 - SuperSEAL Triathlon Coronado, CA  

March 18 
1945 - Carriers begin 3 month Okinawa Campaign by destroying aircraft on Kyushu, Japan . UDT's 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18 and 21 participated in pre-assault, assault and post assault operations.  
2008 - SEAL Lt.  Moki Martin receives Navy & Marine Corp Com Medal for Operation Thunderhead - Vietnam 

March19, 1962 - 1st time SEALs deploy to So. Vietnam - train military counterparts in clandestine maritime ops

March 20  - Start of invasion of Iraq by Coalition Forces
2003 -  SEALs with GROM assault Mabot and Kaat oil platforms, Iraq                
                 SEAL TEAM4 capture Al-Faw oil refinery , Iraq      
2013   NSWG1 TRADENT building dedicated to fallen SEAL Marc Lee

March 21, 1952 -  UDTs drop CIA trained SMG Korean guerillas in No Korea 

March 22
2003 - SEALS seize Iraqi Oil rigs in Operational Iraqi Freedom

                SEAL Team 4 scouts for USMC in Nasiriyah,  Iraq 
2013 - Premier of " MURPH: The Protector " film about SEAL M. Murphy MOH recipient 

March 23
1965 - UDT’s assist in recovery of Gemini 3 crew & capsule 
1969 - SEAL Robert J. Thomas earns Navy Cross  in Vietnam  See this link for more info - 
2003 - SEAL Team 4 recons Shatt & Arab rivers,  Iraq             
               SEAL Team 5 in missions at Mukarayin Damn , Iraq 

March 25, 1945 - UDTs recon islands off Okinawa , Japan 

March 26
1945 - UDT 12 - officers and men served as pilots for the Army landing force (77th Division) which landed to secure the western islands as a fleet anchorage, off Okinawa pre-invasion.  
1966 - UDT's penetrate the  Rung Sat Specia1 Zone to disrupt Viet Cong activities
2003 - DEVGRU search for WMD in Al-Qudisiyah, Iraq

March 27, 1945 -UDTs recons Hagushi Beaches, where the main landings on Okinawa will occur and UDTs guide landing forces ashore in the Red Beach area. 

March 28
1945 - UDTs conduct a recon of Kamiyama Island, near Keise Shima, to determine the best location for channels through which artillery could be landed. And UDTs recon Purple and Orange Beaches on the western side of Okinawa
2002- SEAL corpsmen Matthew Bourgeois KIA by IED near Kandahar, Afghanistan 

March 29
1945 - UDT s make feint reconnaissance on the southern-most beaches of Okinawa, and on the following morning returned to the beaches and shot a one-ton demolitions charge on the reef. This feint was carried out at the same time that other UDTs were doing reconnaissance and demolition work on the main landing beaches farther north.  It was done to confuse the Japanese as to what beach would be used for the landing. 
1945 -
UDTs on Okinawa recons main beaches.   All six teams of Underwater Demolition Group BAKER operated simultaneously along the length of the main beaches, Okinawa.   On the twenty-ninth and thirtieth almost every ship in Task Force 51 was lined up off the Hagushi Beaches to furnish fire support for the demolition teams. The battleships were scarcely two miles offshore and lines of cruisers, destroyers and gunboats were in front of them. For every swimmer in the water there was well over a thousand men behind guns, backing them up. The thunder of big guns, the whoosh and roar of huge shells, the terrific concussion of naval rifles were a familiar sound to team members between the ships and shore. 
 1970 - 1st move to reduce number of SEALs in Vietnam begins 
2011 - DEVGRU receives authorization and develops plans for  Operation Neptune Spear, a mission to capture or kill Osama Bin at Abbottabad Pakistan.  Unit starts training for the operation.  

March 30
1945 - UDTs continue  recon of beaches for capture of Okinawa island Japan 
2013 - Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day 

March 31
1945 - UDT continue beach clearance on Okinawa
1973 - The last SEAL advisor leaves Vietnam