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September Navy SEAL and UDT History


It's September.

And time to Jump the Month with a Navy SEAL and UDT history post.

General September information, because the info I have,  does not have the day of September,  just the month and the year. 

September General Info-
In September 1942, 17 Navy salvage personnel arrived at ATB Little Creek, VA for a one week concentrated course on demolitions, explosives, cable cutting and commando raiding techniques.  On November  10th 1942, this FIRST Combat Demolition Unit succeeded in cutting a cable and net barrier across the Wadi Sebou River during Operation Torch in North Africa.  Their actions enabled the USS Dallas *DD-199) to traverse the river and insert Army Rangers, who proceeded to capture the Port Lyautry aerodrome.

September 1st
-1942- 1st Scout and Raider School classes arrive at Little Creek NAB
-1966- SEAL Teams ambush at Tac Bo River, Vietnam

September 2,
Annually - US remembrance of V-J Day, Victory Over Japan -
In 1945 on September 2nd, Japan signs the surrender document that officially ends WWII.

September 3, 2007 - SEALs guard Air Force One at Al-Asad AFB in Iraq.

September 4, 1945 - UDTs recon the harbors at Yokasuba Japan

September 5th
-1969- SEALs rescue Vietnamese families near Sea Float
-1970- SEALs liberate Vietnamese POWs

September 8, 1945, UDTs reconnaissance operation at Jinsen harbor, Korea.

September 9th
- 1945 - UDTs continue recon of East Coast of Japan from Honshu to Tokyo searching for suicide boats and explosives.
-1990- 2nd SEAL group of NSWG1 arrives in Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield.

September 11th
-1943- September 11- 13th - Second group of Scouts and Raiders, code named Special Service Unit #1, in operations at Finschaffen, New Guinea
-1969- UDTs beach and underwater recon at Thuan Tihn, Island Vietnam

September 12th
-1944 - UDTs pre-invasion recon of beaches at Peleliu, Island, in the Carolina Island group.
-1960- The Unconventional Activities Working Group established by CNO to consider "naval unconventional warfare activity methods and concepts"  to be used against the Soviet Union in the cold war.
-1967- SEALs in Operation Crimson Tide in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

September 13th-19th, 1945 - UDTs piloted vessels through Jinsen harbor and its' anchorages, Korea.  Vessels were used to remove Japanese after their surrender of Korea.

September 14th
-1944 - UDTs recon Anguar Island beaches, an island in the the Palau Island Group.
-1945- UDTs recon Urarigi beaches near Sendai, Honshu Island Japan.
-1969- UDTs demos at Song Ong Doc, Vietnam

September 15th
-1944- UDTs post invasion demos, Anguar Island
-1944- UDT 14,  the first all Navy UDT founded
-1945- UDTs recon Yuriage beach, Japan
-1950- UDTs support Operation Chromite, the amphibious landing at Incheon, Korea.  UDT 1 and 3 provided personnel who went in ahead of the landing craft, scouting mud flats, marking low points in the channel, clearing fouled propellers, and searching for mines.  UDTs acted as wave-guides for the Marine landing.
-1966- UDT's assist in the recovery of Gemini 11 crew and capsule
-1969- UDTs demolitions at Song Thu Bon, Vietnam

September 16th
-1952- UDTs in Operation Fishnet, Korea
-1969- SEALs and Kit Carsons operation north of Sea Float, Vietnam
-1994 - SEALs recon invasion site at Cape Haiten, Haiti Operation Uphold Democracy

September 17,1945- UDTs destroy suicide boats and subs at Onahama, Japan

September 18, 2009- SEALs kill AQ group in Somalia - Operation Celestial Balance

September 20th
-1945- UDTS recon Sasebo harbor, Japan
-1962- SEAL MTT 4-63 arrives in Vietnam

September 21st
-1944- UDTs recon Falalop and Asor beaches on Ulithi Island.
-1945 - UDTs recon Aomori and Nagasaki harbors, Japan
-1987- SEALs destroy munitions cache during a VBSS of the Iranian ship Ajir.

September 22, 1945- UDT 6  recon Sakishima Gunto Islands, Japan

September 23, 1945 - UDTs survey bay at WakaYama, Japan, and UDTs search and destroy missions at Chosi Japan

September 24th
-1943- September 24 - Oct 5, Special Service Unit #1, the Amphibious Scouts, 7th Amphibous Forcs recons Cape of Bushing, New Britain.
-1945- UDTs recon Wakanoura Wan Osaki Wan, Japan

September 25
-1945- UDTs lead 1st wave of the 8th Army onto Amori beaches, Japan
-1973- UDTs and SEALs assist in the recovery of SkyLab 3 crew and capsule

September 26, 1944 - UDTs missions on Peleliu and Negesebus Islands and surrounding channels.

September 28th
-1945- UDTs recon at Niigata, Japan
-1968- September 28 - Oct 2, SEALs in Operation Bold Dragon VII and Bold Dragon VIII off the coast of South Vietnam.

September 29
-1945 - UDTs recon for occupation landings at Taku, Port of Tientsin, North China and recon mouth of Peking River.
-2006-  SEAL Michael Monsoor earns Medal of Honor, Ar Ramadi Iraq  see link for his citation -

September 30
-1945 - UDTs in operations at Hokaido Island, Japan.
-1945- UDTs investigate docks at Tientsin, China
-1969- UDTs demolitions at Lang Dong Island, Vietnam

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Navy SEAL and UDT History for August

It's August
and Time to Post some August 
U.S. Navy SEAL and UDT history

GENERAL for August - These events are ones  that I can verify the month and year that it happened; but cannot verify the exact day of the month that it happened.
-August 1964- The Navy Demolition Parachute Team starts 
-August 1971 - Last BUD/S class graduates from Little Creek, VA.  BUD/S will continue but only at NAB Coronado, CA.

August 1,2008 - NSW Operational Support Group Commands and SEAL Team Reserves re-designated as NSWG11 and SEAL Team 17 and SEAL Team 18.

August 2nd,
1969- UDT13 demolitions at Troung Giang River, Vietnam
2006 - SEAL Marc Lee is the first SEAL KIA in Iraq

August 3, 1944 - UDTs 12, 13, 14, and 15,  recon beaches at Iwo Jima and Bonin Islands.

 August 4th
1911- date of birth of Draper Kaufman aka "the Father of Underwater Demolition Teams"
1950- UDTs attempt 1st inland covert mission to bomb the railroad at Yosu, Korea

August 5, 1942- the first training class of OSS Maritime Operations begins

August 6th
1950 - Task Force 90 command (Korea)  assigned two USMC companies and a UDT1 detachment and dubbed the joint package -Special Operations Group or SOG.  SOG was composed of 25 UDTs and 16 Marines.  The Marines would provide perimeter security and the UDTs to provide small boat and demolition expertise.
2004- SEA Lt Cmdr John Dolittle swims the English Channel to honor the memory of fallen SEAL teammate -Petty Officer Neil Roberts
2011 -17 SEALs and 12 NSW support personnel and 1 military working dog, KIA in helocopter crash, Afghanistan.  The worst single loss of life in history of SOCOM and NAVSPECWARCOM. On this day 31 of America's bravest warriors gave their lives in defense of our freedom.  To see the list of the fallen, go to this link

August 7th
1969 - UDT 13 demolitions at tip of lang Dong Island, Vietnam
1971- UDTs and SEALs assist in the recovery of Apollo 15 crew and capsule

August 8, 2011 - SEAL Admiral William McRaven assumes command of USSOCOM

August 9- 20, 1944- Five OSS with seven UDT's in the 1st submarine launched series of reconnaissance operations from the USS Burfish.  This operation  was uinque because it involved the only US submarine-lauhed reconnaissance operation conducted by a UDT during the entire period of WWII.  See more at this link

August 10-14th, 1969 - SEALs and Australians in Operation Platypus in the RSSZ, Vietnam
 1990- SOCCENT personnel arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In it,  is  Naval Special Warfare Task Group One.  This is in preparation for Operation Desert Shield.

August 11th
1960 - UDTs recover a "Discover" satellite capsule, the 1st recovery of an U.S. satellite from orbit.
1969-  UDT 13 demolitions at Cai Nap Canal, Vietnam
1990 - SEALs of NSWTG1 set up base at Dhahran for Operation Desert Shield.

August 12, 1960 - Underwater Demolition Teams and USMC Recon units suggested as resources for the development for Naval Special Warfare.

August 13th
1944 - 3 UDTs are taken prisoner onYap Island and shipped to a Japanese POW camp.  Their remains are never recovered .  See more info at
1950- UDTs with the USMC begin cave demolitions- Korea
2008- SEALs battled terrorists during the filming of an episode of the TV show "24"

August 14, 1992 - SEALs in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia

August 15th
August 15 - Sept 15, 1944-Naval Combat Demolition Units from DDay landings at Utah beach participate in the landing mission in the Operation Dragoon.  Operation  Dragoon is the invasion of Southern France.  These landings were the last amphibious operation in the European Theater of Operations.
1950- 1st of night raids on Korean East Coast by UDTs and USMC
1980- SEAL TEAM Six commissioned

August 16
1954-UDTs in Passage to Freedom Operation.  This operation evacuated from Haiphong an estimated 310,000 anti- Communist Vietnamese civilians, soldiers, and non-Vietnamese members of the French Army from Communist North Vietnam to South Vietnam .  This operation lasted for about 1 year.
1969- SEAL Teams and Kit Carsons take prisoners at VC indoctrination center near SEA Float, Vietnam

August 19
1966- The 1st SEAL KIA - Petty Officer Billy Machen in Vietnam
1969- SEALs and Kit Carsons operation at VC supply route near SEA Float
1990- With Saudi concurrence, SOCCENT's first coalition warfare mission was given to NSWTG1 elements which deployed to the Kuwaiti Saudi Arabian border to provide close air support and to serve as "trip wires" in case of an Iraqi invasion - Operation Desert Shield.

August 21, 1990- SEALs recon beaches - Operation Desert Shield

August 22
1969- UDT13 demolitions at SE Land Dong Island, Vietnam
1970- SEALs free 28 So. Vietnamese POW's

August 24
1968- SEALs with PRUs destroy grenade factory, Vietnam
1982 -SEALs  as part of the Multinational Force sent to Lebanon to over see the withdrawal of the Palestine Liberation Organization. 

August 25
1942 -Scout and Raider School commissioned
1990- The UN authorizes use of SEALs in limited naval enforcement of sanctions in Operation Desert Shield. SEALs begin VBSS missions in the Persian Gulf.

August 26 1944- UDTs conduct pre-assault beach recon for invasion at Luzon in the Philippines.

August 27
1944- UDTs recon beaches and lead landings on Luzon Philippines.
1969 - UDT 13 search and destroy missions at SE Lang Dong Island, Vietnam

August 28
1945- UDTs arrive in Tokyo Bay, for month long missions of search and destroy after the surrender of Japan. Missions include checking islands, beaches, and military establishments in the area. UDTs destroy mumerous midget subs, suicide boats, topedoes, large caliber guns, mines, torpedo warheads, depth charges, ammunition, small arms, and large quantities of submarine gear.

August 29
1945- UDT 21 were the first Naval personnel to touch  the Japanese shores at Futtsu, Tokyo Bay when conducting a reconnaissance. They post "Welcome Marines" sign for Marines landing the next day.  The commanding Japanese officer at the fort at the entrance of Tokyo Harbor surrenders to UDT21 commanding officer - Lt. Cmdr Clayton.  Lt Cmdr Clayton accepts sword as sign of total defeat and surrender. 
1965- UDTs assist in the recovery of Gemini 5 crew and capsule

August 30
1945- UDT 21 at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan  missions to demilitarize enemy vessels and prepare dock space for USS San Diego, aboard which surrender of the naval base would be completed. 
1966- SEAL in first live man pick up in the evaluation of DASH, a drone helicopter

August 31
1945- UDT 21 recon beaches around Tokyo Bay.

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U.S. Navy SEAL and UDT history for July

HooYah !!! 
It's July
Time to Jump the Month with some UDT and Navy SEAL History

Below is what is on my Navy SEAL and UDT history calendar for July.

About General info- These events happened in July, but I could not verify the day that they happened.

General Info
-1943- The first Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs) graduated from the training base located at Ft Pierce, FL.

July 1st
-1945 - UDTs lead the first landing wave on the Klandasan beaches, Balikipapan SE Borneo
-1946- UDT 3 assigned to control and maintenance of the drone boats and to collect water samples in the 2nd nuclear test designated "Operation Crossroads" .  A UDT said "It was not unusual for us to have to strip buck-naked aboard a LCPR Drone before being allowed to re-board the ship, due to our radioactivity, sometimes as often as three times a day." To read more follow this link - Naval  History and Heritage FAQ - Operation Crossroads . 
-1951- UDT3 lands CIA trained North Korean guerillas on North Korean islands.
-1969- UDT demolitions at Hoi Chanh area in Vietnam

July 2nd
-1967- SEALs in Operation Shallow Draft, Vietnam
-2007- Admiral Eric Olsen assumes command of USSOCOM .  He is the 1st SEAL to be appointed 3 and 4 star flag rank, as well as the 1st naval officer to be USSOCOM's combat commander. 

July 4th
-1945- UDTS post invasion demolitions at Burnei Bay, Borneo, and the last combat operation for UDTs in WWII is at Balikipapa Borneo.
-1962- The first time the UDT/SEAL Team jumps  as the  U.S, Navy Parachute Team the -"Leap Frogs" see this link -
-1969-UDT 13 demolitions at New Nam Can, Vietnam

July 6, 1968 - The firstLlight SEAL Support Crafts arrive in Vietnam

July 7th
-1943- 2nd group of Scout & Raiders established and code-named Special Service Unit #1.
-1969- SEALs capture VC tax extortionist near SEA FLOAT Vietnam

July 9 1943 - Scout & Raiders lead US Army ashore at Sicily.

July 10
-1943- Scouts and Raiders post invasion operations at Sicily.
-1944- UDTs recon of Tinian beaches, the Marinas Island chain. The Marinas are made up of : Tinian, Aguijan, Rota, and Guam.  On the Marinas Island chain , the US established airfields.  These airfields on  were used as a bases for  the Philippines and Guam operations. especially Operation Forager., which began on July 13, 1944 and ended August 10, 1944.  UDTs were used in all of the pre-assualt, invasion, and post invasion work in this campaign.
-1969- SEALs in Operation Ranger, free Vietnamese POW camp

July 11, 1960 - Admiral Burke, the Chief Naval Officer directs deputy Chief Naval Officer  Admiral  Beakley, to study the possible contributions by the Navy to unconventional warfare.

July 12, 2010 - The Murdock branch post office in Punta Gorda FL,  is dedicated to SEAL Lt Cmdr Roy Boehm. First Officer in Charge of SEAL Team Two.

July 13, 1944- Operation Forager begins in the Pacific.  See this link -

July 14th
- 1944 - UDTs recon  beaches on Guam.  Place "Welcome Marines" sign for the landing USMC landings - see my post -  
-1969- SEALs call for the 1st Skyhook extraction in Vietnam.

July 15th
-1958- In response to the request by the President of Lebanon, the Sixth Fleet lands 1,800 Marines at Beirut to support the Lebanese against Communist rebels.  UDTs recon beach and blast sandbars at Beirut.
-1969- UDT S&D missions on Barrier Island, Vietnam
-2009- NASA astronaut SEAL Commander Christopher Cassidy is the 2nd SEAL in space for STS-127 mission.
-2010- Naval Special Warfare Heritage Building at Little Creek, VA dedicated .

July 16th
-1944- UDTS pre-assault recon of Yellow Beach 2 on Guam and diversionary recon operation on Tumon, Bay Guam.
-2013- On a spacewalk, SEAL astronaut Chris Cassidy helps fellow astronaut Luca Parmitano return to the International Space Station, when Parmitano's helmet filled with water.

July 17th
-1944- UDTs removed of obstacles on Asan Beaches, Guam.
-1969- UDTs demolitions at Rach Buong, Vietnam

July 18th
-1944- UDTs continue pre-assault work of clearing beaches on Guam.UDT 4 places "Welcome Marines" sign that would later become infamous as a UDT trademark.
-1969- UDTs plant "duffel bag" sensor at Thu Beb River, Vietnam

July 19th
-1944- UDT 3 continue pre-assault clearing of  Asan beaches, Guam.
-1945- UDT 30 formally commissioned. 
-1962- The Navy establishes the Counterinsurgency Education and Training Program, This major Naval school provided orientation courses in the military, economic, political, social, and psychological aspects of Communist revolutionary warfare,  SEAL and STAT units, and selective fleet staff officers begin training in this program.
-1996- DEVGRU  in Atalanta, as part of security detail for the Centennial Olympics

July 20th
-1944- UDT3 continues removal of obstacles for Guam landings. As recognition for their work, which was vital to the success of the Guam landings each man in UDT3 was awarded the Bronze Star and each officer a Silver Star Medal.
-1967- SEALs kill VC Liaison Unit Leader in the RSZ, Vietnam 
-1968- SEALs catch tax extortionist at My Tho, Vietnam

July 21st
-1944- UDTs in UDT boats guide landings of LCM's and LCTs  over barrier reefs, Guam. 
-1966- UDTs assist in the recovery of Gemini 10 crew and capsule.
-1969- UDTs demolitions at Song Dong Cung, Vietnam

July 23, 1944- UDTs in diversionary daylight reconnaissance of a barrier reef  and   pre-assault  reconnaissance of beach landing zones. on Tinian, in the Marinas Island chain,

July 24,
-1944- UDTs lead Naval Task Forces and Marines on Tinian, Marinas Islands and commence post assault work
-1969- SEALs and UDT assist in the recovery of Apollo 11 crew and capsule- see this link for more on them -
-1975- UDT 12 assists in the recovery of Apollo-Soyuz Test Project crew and capsule

July 26, 1951 - Beach Jumper Unit 1 commissioned for the Korean War

July 27
-1950- COMNAVFE directed start of harassment and demolition raids by CTF-190, utilizing UDTs and Marine reconnaissance personnel against North Korean military objectives in the Korean War.
-1966- 3 SEAL squads in the RSSZ launch the largest combined SEAL operation on a VC camp near Can Gio village in Vietnam.

July 31st
-1964- SOG/SES Vietnamese gunboats carry out covert OPLAN 34A attackon two North Vietnamese coastal bases
-1967- SEALs raid VC bas on Ilo Ilo Island.
-1968- SEALs in mission near Cambodia, 1 SEAL KIA and 1 SEAL WIA


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Jump the Hump Day Navy SEAL Post- Raising the Bar Funds

It's Wednesday!
Time to Jump the Hump with a Navy SEAL Thing

The Oldest FrogHog on the Web (said only in the nicest way of course) just made it back from the SWAMP.

I was there for another meeting of the Tadpoles aka Wannabee FrogHogs in Training.

And I tell you the "kids" were really cooking. They found a way to raise some badly needed funds to visit their favorite SEAL-owned bar- Badfrogs.

I know that many of the Tadpoles were once in the Frog Scouts. So I know that no challenge is too difficult for them, especially if it involved obtaining alcoholic beverages.

I mentioned that they should have all waited until they finished earning their FrogHog Navy Pride tattoos
(not to be confused with a rivals group's Navy Pride Badge. ).

But, NOOOOOooo. They jumped right into it.

They called the op- Raising the Bar
(not to be confused with a rivals group's Operation thin mint)

I made them give a complete sitrep to earn their FrogHog Navy Pride tattoo session. And they also did a" dirt dive" to add ways to improve things.

See the op sitrep video below.

It was taken using their official FrogHog Oakley Sunglass-cams.

It is
only the daylight part of the op. The night part of the video was mysteriously erased, (so they told me.)

Here's the op report


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Frogs on the Beach In Operation OverLord- Navy SEAL Post

It's Wednesday!
Time to Jump the Hump with a
Navy SEAL Post!!

the Oldest FrogHog on the Web (said only in the nicest way, of course!) has been doing a little reading about Frogmen on the beach during WWII.

Back then they were not known as Frogman. That moniker came later. During the war, these warriors went by the names of: the Naval Combat Demolition Units or (NCDUs), Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs) and Scouts and Raiders.

Below is something that I remember reading regarding the historic day in June 1944- D-Day and Operation Overlord. It is totally appropriate to remember them today, on June 6th, D-Day Remembrance Day.

From the Book "The U.S. Navy SEALs- From Vietnam to Finding Bin Laden" by David Jordan.

"While the UDTs were training for their operations in the Pacific, 6 men from the 11th NCDU were sent to Britain in November 1943 to prepare for the invasion. A few weeks later, the Scouts and Raiders appeared, including Phil Bucklew, ( Bucklew is known as the Father of Naval Special Warfare) and began to conduct reconnaissance missions. Bucklew and his men took depth soundings of the planned invasion beaches. On one occasion Bucklew crawled ashore, filled a bucket with sand, and took it back to England to allow experts to test its load-bearing capacity so they could judge how well the sand on the landing beaches would be able to take the weight of tanks and other heavy vehicles.

The Germans had not been idle in preparing defenses to meet the Allied invaders, and the NCDU men grappled with the question of how they would breach some of the formidable beach obstacles, particularly a huge iron and steel construction know as the "Belgian Gate". The NCDUs needed to be able to blow the obstacle down without sending massive amounts of shrapnel fling through the air to endanger both the demolition parties and any nearby troops. The solution to the problem was discovered by Lt jg Carl P. Hagensen. He filled waterproof canvas bags with C-2 plastic explosive and then fitted the pack with a cord at one end and a hook at the other. This enabled it to be attached precisely to an obstacle. Tests on a mock-up of a Belgian Gate demonstrated that the pack worked perfectly. Sixteen such packs were fitted to the critical points of the Belgian Gate and then detonated. The Gate fell flat, just as required. The next problem was one of manpower. Six men were obviously not going to be enough and in the weeks before D-Day every available man at Ft Pierce was sent to Britain. By the end of May, 16 teams, each 13-men strong, had been trained to enable them to breach the 8 gaps in the obstacles planned for Omaha Beach and the 8 for Utah Beach.

Early in the morning of June 6, 1944, Operation Overlord began.

Phil Bucklew was one of the early participants, bobbing around in a small boat as he led the troops in toward the landing zone on Omaha Beach. Once again, Bucklew led the invasion force in (earning a Gold Star in lieu of a 2nd Navy Cross in the process) but their troubles had only just begun. The current had ensured that several of the gap assault teams had drifted off course and landed in the wrong place. Some of them found that they were the 1st men on the beach, instead of the tanks and infantry, and were cut down by defensive fire as they attempted to land. While the other teams set about destroying obstacles, some of the blasts had to be delayed as frightened soldiers attempted to take cover behind the sturdy beach defenses.

The demolition men solved this problem by setting fuses and telling the sheltering GIs that their cover would blow up in 2 minutes. This did the trick and the obstacles were removed. Other difficulties came from the loss of explosives and the NCDU men were forced to salvage German mines and add their explosives power to the C-2 that they had available. By the end of the day, 52% of NCDU men had been killed or wounded. It was the worst day in the history of naval special warfare. Despite the high cost, they had done their job well. "

Here is a link to the top secret Naval Combat Demolition Group Assignments atm Omaha Beach on that day-

Also here's a link to NCDU on D-day post,  on the Fallen SEALs Facebook page       

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U.S. Navy SEAL and UDT history for June

HooYah !!! It's June
Time to Jump the Month with some UDT and Navy SEAL History
Happy 70th Birthday to Ft Pierce FL - see June 6th's entry

Below is what's on my 2013 Navy SEAL calendar for June.

About general June Info and stuff.  Why is it general? Is it because the Admiral was busy?  
Nope!  I couldn't verify the date of the day in June that this happened, but I was able to verify that the events did happen in June. 

General June events:

Operational Swimmers of the Office of Strategic Services, or OSS. Some of the earliest World War II predecessors of the SEALs were the Operational Swimmers of the Office of Strategic Services, or OSS. Many current SEAL missions were first assigned to them. OSS specialized in special operations, dropping operatives behind enemy lines to engage in organized guerrilla warfare as well as to gather information on such things as enemy resources and troop movements. 

British Combined Operations veteran LCDR Wooley, of the Royal Navy, was placed in charge of the OSS Maritime Unit in June 1943. 

June 2nd 
-1944 Naval Combat Demolitions Units (NCDUs) of Force "U" (Utah beach) and  NCDUs of Force "O" (Omaha Beach) were briefed  for their part in the D-Day invasion.
-1951 -  The USS Begor (APD 127) and Underwater Demolition Team (UDT 3) landed ROK guerrillas at night on Song-do (Island) near Kojo, east coast of Korea. Mission started on June 2nd and continued in the predawn hours of June 3rd. 
-1961- UDT Lt Hamiliton sends a letter to Admiral Burke with his ideas regarding a Naval Special War "SEAL"concept

-2012 -  Joint SAS/JSOC Hostage Rescue in Afghanistan

 June 3rd
-1944- For the D-Day operation the officers and crews of NCDUs  loaded into their boarding craft, but bad weather forced postponement of the operation.
-1969 - UDTs and RF conduct raids in Rach Duong Keo area of Vietnam

June  5th
-1944- Allied troops in  thousands of ships and crafts take part in Operation NEPTUNE, aka S-Day ,   put to sea and began gathering in assembly areas southeast of the Isle of Wight. From there, many passed through the channels swept through the German defensive minefields and moved into their respective waiting areas before dawn on 6 June. In the D-Day assault,.NCDU were assigned demolitions at Utah and Omaha beaches.
-1969- UDT13 demos and destroys ops at Xeo Dung Keo River, Vietnam and SEALs with LDNN (Vietnam SEALs) mission at Old Nam Can, Vietnam
-1961-  The CNO issued a letter notifying the commanders in chief U.S. Atlantic, U.S. Pacific, and U.S. Naval Forces Europe about the Navy’s intentions regarding SEAL units. It identified missions, tasks, how the SEALs would be organized, trained, what and how they should identify and obtain transport, and that “measures should be taken to ensure that some staff officers receive the Special Operations Teams training for background in connection with the possible use of these units in their respective areas.”
-1972- Lt Dry is the last SEAL KIA in Vietnam in Operation Thunderhead, a mission to rescue US POWs in Vietnam. - read more about the operation at this link -

June 6th

-1943- LCDR Kaufmann established the Naval Combat Demolition Unit training at Fort Pierce FL.Happy 70th Birthday!
-1944-  In the face of great adversity, the NCDUs at Omaha Beach managed to blow eight complete gaps and two partial gaps in the German defenses. The NCDUs suffered 31 killed and 60 wounded, a casualty rate of 52%. Meanwhile, the NCDUs at Utah Beach met less intense enemy fire. They cleared 700 yards (640 m) of beach in two hours, another 900 yards (820 m) by the afternoon. Casualties at Utah Beach were significantly lighter with six killed and eleven wounded. During Operation OVERLORD, not a single NCDU was lost to improper handling of explosives.
-1945 UDT21 participated in the capture of Iheya Island  which is North of Okinawa, Japan
-1966- UDTs assist in the the recovery of Gemini 9A crew and capsule

June 7, 1965 - UDTs assist in the recovery of Gemini 4 crew and capsule

June 8, 2004 - SEALs rescue group of foreign workers near Ramadi, Iraq

June 9, 1945 - UDTs recon and cleared beaches at Aguni Island off Japan

June 10, 1944 -NDCU completed 100% of clearing obstacles on Omaha Beach post- invasion of D-Day work. 

 June 11th
-1945- UDTs survey Naha Harbor, Okinawa, Japan
-1969- UDT13 demolitions at Xon Ong Dinh Village, Vietnam

June 13, 1944 -  Lt Draper Kauffman with the UDTS recon Saipen Island, for the Marine Corp landing.

June 14  1944 - UDTs lead assault landings at Saipan, Tinian and Guam and conduct post assault beach demo work.  

June 15, 1961 - Admiral Russel directed that the formation of the new NSW unit, SEALs, would be from the UDTs of the Atlantic and Pacific Fleet Amphibious Forces. 

 June 16, 1969 - UDT demolition and weapon cache operation at New Nam Can, Vietnam

June 17, 2006 - The SEALs in Ramadi, Iraq were preparing to engage the enemy in a way they had not done in their 45-year history. They would still operate with the jundis that they and the previous task unit had trained, and the intelligence and targeting cells would continue to crank out information on specific insurgent targets. But the focus of SEAL operations would be to support the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division of the U.S. Army in the battle to retake Ramadi.

June 18, 1967 - SEALs in large tax collector raid operation, Vietnam 

June 19, 1970 - An entire platoon of SEALs is wounded in an operation at SA DEC, Vietnam

June 21, 1945 - Okinawa, Japan declared secure after the most costly naval campaign in history. The U.S. had 30 ships sunk and 223 damaged,  mostly from kamikaze attacks, with 5000 dead and 5000 wounded, while the Japanese lost 100,000.  UDTs worked on pre and post assault operations, and lead many beach landings. 

June 22, 1973 - SEALs assist in the recovery of SkyLab2 crew and capsule

June 23, 1969 -SEALs and  LDNN Op at Chuong Duong,Vietnam

June 24, 1964 - SEALs test Fulton Recovery system

June 25
-1945 - UDTs  recon Moratai beaches pre-invasion of Balikipapan, S.E. Borneo
-1950-  The Korean War began when the North Korean army invaded South Korea. Beginning with a detachment of 11 personnel from UDT 3, UDT participation expanded to three teams with a combined strength of 300 men. As part of the Special Operations Group, or SOG, UDTs successfully on railroad tunnels and bridges along the Korean coast. conducted demolition raids.

June 26
-1945 - The last sizable invasion of WWII ,  at Kume Shima 50 miles west of Okinawa, Japan.  UDTs buoyed the channel into shore and led the first assault waves into the beach.
-1968- SEALs invade Duong Island, Vietnam

June 27
-1944- NCDU "O" Force leaves for the U.K. after successfully clearing 100% of beach obstacles on Omaha Beach

-1945- UDTs recon Klandassan beaches, Brunei Bay, Borneo invasion

June 27-29 1945 - UDTs under heavy Japanese fire in operations off le Shima, Japan

June 27, 1969 - Sea Float base , Vietnam , opens as center of operations for daily missions for SEALs and UDT

June 28, 2005 -
 Operation Red Wings - SEAL Lt Michael Murphy earns the Medal of Honor, in the Kunar Province Afghanistan.  Eight SEALs die in an rescue attempt.  See more on the operation at this link -  

to see the Medal of Honor Citation for Lt Murphy go to this link -

June 29, 1951 -  Release of "The Frogman " film.  The film used UDT4 out of Norfolk and several members of the crew were extras. The guys from UDT 4 were true to their profession. On the way in from sea they would go over the side and swim the last several miles.

June 30, 945-  UDTs clear beaches, Brunei Bay,  post Borneo invasion







Wednesday, May 15, 2013

UDT and Navy SEAL history for May

HooYah it's May !
Time to Jump the Month 
With a page from the UDT and Navy SEAL Calendar

General May info below (Why just the month? Cause I could not verify the day, that's why.)

In May 1944, General Donovan, the head of the OSS, divided the unit into groups. He loaned Group 1, under Lieutenant Choate, to Admiral Nimitz, as a way to introduce the OSS into the Pacific theater. They became part of UDT-10 in July 1944. Five OSS men participated in the very first UDT submarine operation with the USS Burrfish (SS-312) in the Caroline Islands in August 1944.

May 1st
-1983 -
All UDTs were redesignated as SEAL Teams or Swimmer Delivery Vehicle Teams (SDVT). SDVTs have since been redesignated SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams.
UDT11 designated  as ST 5
ST4 formed from UDT20 

UDT12 forms SDVT1 

UDT22 forms SDVT2 

DevGru begins operation that kills Osama Bin Laden -Operation Neptune Spear

 May 2nd
 -2009 -
Capt William Shepherd inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame
-2011 -
DevGru kills Osama Bin Laden at his safe house in Pakistan 

May 3, 1961 -1st  doc by CNO during the earliest development of the SEALs 

May 4, 1982 -  SEALs in Central &  So America training missions

May 5 
-1961 -  
CDR Alan Shepard Jr. makes first U.S. manned space flight. Flight of Freedom 7 (Mercury 3) which lasted 15 minutes and 28 seconds reached the altitude of 116.5 statute miles with a velocity of 5,134 mph. UDT’s involved in the recovery.  It was by HUS1 helicopter of HMR(L)-262 from USS Lake Champlain(CVS-39).
-1969 -  
UDTs & PCF locate and destroy VC village, Vietnam 

May 6, 
-1943 - Admiral King, as CNO and CIC of the US Fleet, issues orders for
the “Naval Demolition Project” “to meet a present and urgent requirements."
The CNO’s directive outlined a two-phase project. The first phase began with a letter to the Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks directing dispatch of eight officers and 30 enlisted men for duty with the Operational Naval demolition Unit and Naval Combat demolition Unit No. 1, which was to be formed at the Amphibious Training Base, Solomons, Md. Navy Cmdr. John C. Daniel was selected as officer in charge, and the second phase of the project was very much contingent on the success of the first.   These units were in anticipation for the  invasion of Sicily and Europe. 
-1945 -
UDTs assist Naval landing force as they evacuate 500 Marshallese from Jaluit Atoll, Marshall Islands, as prerequisite to atomic bomb testing. 
-2011 -
 POTUS Obama meets with the  DEVGRU teams who killed OBL-at Ft Campbell KY

May 7, 
Plans for a massive cross-channel invasion of Europe had begun and intelligence indicated that the Germans were placing extensive underwater obstacles on the beaches at Normandy. On 7 May 1943, Lieutenant Commander Draper L. Kauffman, "The Father of Naval Combat Demolition," was directed to set up a school and train people to eliminate obstacles on an enemy-held beach prior to an invasion. On 6 June 1943, LCDR Kaufmann established Naval Combat Demolition Unit training at Fort Pierce. By April 1944, a total of 34 NCDUs were deployed to England in preparation for Operation OVERLORD, the amphibious landing at Normandy. 
-2011-USS Michael Murphy christened

May 9,1985- SEALs in Central &  So America training missions 

May 10, 2012

Secretary of the Navy Dr. Donald C. Winter presented one of the nation’s highest military awards to a Naval Special Warfare task group and its subordinate tactical and support elements May 10 during a ceremony at Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Command.

SECNAV praised the Sailors’ bravery and dedication as he presented the Presidential Unit Citation to NSW Task Group-Central, NSW Squadron 3, and NSW Unit 3 for their actions during Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

NSW Task Group-Central and the subordinate elements participated in the largest NSW operation in history. Members of the unit and squadron seized oil terminals in the Northern Persian Gulf, and Task Group-Central coordinated the assault around the Al Faw pipeline. Their actions prevented ecological disaster by securing several oil-related targets that had been rigged with explosives.  While SEALs completed their missions on land with tactical precision, Special Boat teams traveled through the Khawr Abd Allah estuary, infiltrating the Iraqi port city of Umm Qasr. Despite constant sniper attacks, the boat teams held their position until the risk of danger from floating mines and land-based forces was eliminated.  

May 12, 
-1968 -
SEAL Donald Henry Zillgitt KIA leading counter assault w PRUs – Giang Lon- Vinh Binh Province 
SEALs assist in last VN War combat action, rescue of SS Mayaguez captives, & birth of VBSS procedures

May 13, 1967 SEALs in  Thoi Son Island op. Vietnam.

May 14,
-1943 -
NCDU starts training at NAB Solomons,MD and all came from the Seabee training camp at Camp Peary, Va. These men were given a four-week course of instruction and sent immediately to participate in Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily, which occurred that July and August.  
SEAL R. Marcinko’s  platoon, gunfight in cemetery, Cambodian border 

May 15,
UDTs assist in recovery of Mercury 9 astronaut & capsule  
SEAL Team detach “Golf” sustains mulitple Wounded In Action in a  landing explosion, Vietnam 

May 16
UDT 8 officially organized
SEAL TEAM2 sent to the Dominican Republic

May 18, 1967 - SEAL TEAM2 sent to the Dominican Republic

May 21
UDT 7 while reconning  beaches for  the post -invasion of Saipan, an accidentally sets an  ordnance blast which sets off cataclysmic ammunition explosions at West Loch, Pearl Harbor beach.  The blast kills163 and injuring 396. Six tank landing ships  three tank landing craft and 17 track landing vehicles  are destroyed in explosions and fires.
Operation LEXINGTON III, a U.S. Army search and destroy operation in the RSSZ, took place between 21 May and 9 June. Both U.S. Navy and Vietnamese Navy units played an active part with some units lifting weapons and other supplies to specified locations, while others played vital roles in amphibious landings. Still others provided diversion tactics. GAME WARDEN units conducted anti-infiltration/ex-filtration patrols with their eight PBRs and three PCFs, and Navy SEAL teams conducted several ambushes. 

May 24
OSS Maritime Unit 1st  underwater starts swim training in Annapolis, MD
UDTs assist in recovery of Mercury 7 astronaut & capsule 

May 25
President John F. Kennedy speaks before the U.S. Congress authorizing the establishment of the Navy SEALs. 
SEAL Lt Cmdr Schaufelbergen III assassinated in El Salvador, set up action for invasion of Panama

May 26,
- 1944 - General Donovan, the head of the OSS, divided the unit into groups. He loaned Group 1, under LT Choate, to ADM Nimitz, as a way to introduce the OSS into the Pacific Theater. They became part of UDT-10 in July 1944 
NSWGRP 10 commissioned

May 27, 1943 - Navy Cmdr. John C. Daniel, the Officer in charge of the “Naval Demolition project”  submitted a report with recommendations for  this unit.  He outlined ,the organization structure, a detailed training prospectus, and recommended equipment needed to supply an operational unit. He also recommended that the training program (Phase 2) be moved to ATB Fort Pierce, to take advantage of weather for year-round training.

May 28, 1994 SEALs 1st  boarding of smuggler ships off Haiti, OP Uphold Democracy

May 29, 1944 - Hagensen packs  of C-2 explosive developed for NDCU, for D- Day use on June 6, 1944

May 30, 1944 - UDT Teams SIX and SEVEN were commissioned, and left with Team FIVE for the Saipan , Guam for missions in the Tinian Operation. 

May 31
-1944 -
NCDU teams complete training for D-Day Invasion of Normandy Beaches 
-1961 -
Admiral Burke received another memo from Admiral Beakley going into more detail on the SEAL concept, basically spelling out everything about the new unit and advising that administratively everything was in place and simply waiting for final go-ahead. This memorandum concluded by stating, “If you agree in the foregoing proposals, I will take action to establish a Special Operations Team on each coast.”  
UDT-11 in Vung Tau,  South Vietnam begins a series of coastal surveys to determine suitable landing beaches and canal entrances for amphibious operations.